Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Low Carb Food Philosophy

What matters the most to me when it comes to food is the integrity of the food itself. Minimal quality ingredients prepared with careful attention. This blog will be about describing the ingredients and techniques I find that apply especially well to low carb food.

This blog will not be:
  • A bunch of recipes
  • All about "low carb" prepared foods that purport to replace their normal prepared food counterparts
  • A rehash of all of the benefits of low carb (others have done it so much better than I could)
It will probably be about cooking techniques. It will probably be about dining adventures and choices. It will definitely be about flavor and variety. It may even be about cheating occasionally.

At the moment I am eating grain free, sugar free, and starch free. Everything else goes (though some in moderation). I'm sure that will evolve, but that will be the context of the blog as I write the first posts.


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